Tako Bubble is a turn-based puzzler. You play as Tako, a yellow octopus, to crawl through deep-ocean environments, defeat ferocious monsters, pop all the bubbles to get back your precious beetle gems.


Octopus Tako's beetle collection was blown away by a magical swirl of bubbles! Could you help it pop all the bubbles and find them back?

Web Html5 Preview

September 2017

Frontpaged on

January 3, 2018

Mobile Release

January 11, 2018


  • Simple 1-finger, 4-direction swipe control
  • 3 glittering, colored bubbles to pop to get past each level, easy!
  • 10 types of creatures, read their move patterns to avoid being checkmated!
  • 13 achievements: start your career as a secret agent octopus
  • 31 different pixelart beetles waiting for your rescue
  • 60 timeless levels, no turn limit either: a pure brainpower game
  • Cartoonish characters; contains only mild cartoon violence (vanishing creatures)
  • Freemium model: removable ads, no extra in-app products
  • Ad-free web playable demo available for html5 browsers including mobile browsers




Selected Articles

  • Tako Bubble is a simple, well executed and fun puzzle game.
    Frank "The Sloth" Thompson, Android Sloth
  • Tako Bubble is a simple, but elegant puzzler.
    Campbell Bird, 148Apps
Web Html5 Preview
18 levels made specifically for web preview. Mobile version contains 60 more levels with more creatures and traps.

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Noice2D is Ally Sheng and Chang-hung Chiang, two casual gamers and pixelart lovers.
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